January 5, 2011

Fonthill and the crack in the earth u.s. cda borderandwere

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The second we have a moment off from our jobs we investigate. The nightmares continue. Over the weekend I guess the continent split

and flooded

Next thing we know, there is no border

The world is everywhere water is trapped “On”

the world divides

so as soon as we get some time off

from our jobs, we investigate

Nationalism is passe, but having a country controllable is better than all the problems in the world, we’d all be annihilated by american one life number one military but China and Russia are tough, spies never listen, when we discovered that the cia and homeland security and m15 and mossad were bullying the rcmp everyone freaked but it is estimated that 16% of the active public are ‘strollers’

Being language people as soon as we had a chance we made for Fonthill and were greatly rewarded with the idea of it

but chose not to stay. Our hobbit-like journey took us to the high canyons where the enormity had occurred, perhaps very recently, as so many were taking photos

IT could have been


It could have been


It could have been something so majestic it happened thousands of years ago

and animals scattered

Trying to identify the border

the earth is a mind


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  1. me too of course


    Comment by oversion — January 9, 2011 @ 10:08 am

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