777 iAs G20ing 4 U’z (Clarington Swan L60)

I’ve been waiting, I’d say, for life to seem normal again in Toronto. Being calm is a goal for any human being to aspire to. Easier done in the countryside. Moncton and St Jean simply were not big cities. Windsor is only so much larger but also very natural in its ways and landscape, often. And then we moved to Essex County. Life there isn’t so much rustic as untamed. It was then anyhow. The idea of butting heads with thousands of militarized police just seems insane. It’s become an almost autonomic boycott since. The sheer irritation. If I venture south of bloor into the so called No Human Rights Zone, which has still not been communicated reasonably about, the outrageous focus on backpacks, most key and valuable gear of the cyclist lifestyle besides the bike, or bandanas, or cool black t shirts, compared with fake police and fake black bloc, well the original Scream In High Park tshirt, designed by J Wren, Death W, was a simple black tshirt with performing seals and so on in a silvery box on it. Stress! To hell with hostility. It’s not how we live. In fact hostility has nothing to do with life here. It’d call it a no travel zone if that were the case. The whole farce has had me just rearing back at the grim absurdity of it. The country is so ridiculously simple minded these days. What Fadden said was that other countries try to influence our politicians. No kidding really. Obviously. Who doesn’t?

The alien little world Toronto has become over the last while. And yet so shallowly. It’s like being governed by Preston Manning but minus the character and sense of history. The Federal politicians really have to take most of the blame for this. Life is always a more integrated proposition than what politicians say. It’s like a big big school board committee, but way more people and divided into 3, 4 or 5 political parties. There comes a day when employees cannot be simply signalled out and voided. When the politicians themselves are on the hook to their bureacratic enforcers. Happens with nearly every problematic government. The high courts cannot live in the same world as a menacing entity and the courts will eat them alive like squid the high courts.

Time moves in one lane, but like a slinky






Everyone involved needs to take themselves very seriously and see the real contours of their relation to the situation.

gettingthefuckoutoftorontoforafewdays was wonderful

Salut, Mon amie. J’emmepelle Jean. Je parle Francais a la un cuchon, mais je travailler dans le chambre du l’amour

I tried indicating to him we were just going further up the beach, and it was nothing to do with him.

We eventually eluded him, but he followed us all up the shore, called in others, they thought he was nuts and swam off, but later joined him headed for toronto, as we laughed and laughed from high in the cliffs!



  1. a promised at last, the link to the next stop,
    Brighton Ontario: https://oversion.wordpress.com/brighton-overnight/

    Comment by oversion — July 10, 2010 @ 4:19 am

  2. It’s true. Not being in Toronto is the one of the ultimate luxuries of the era; other places are so fantastic.

    Comment by oversion — April 2, 2012 @ 4:22 am

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