Mentally Ill Republicans and the Squirrel Cuckoo

Now please don’t start out thinking this is less about the Squirrel Cuckoo
than about the mentally ill Republican leadership candidates.

It’s just their pronouncements aren’t even in the ballpark of normal human behaviour

I’m just part of the greater mass of humanity worldwide that would like Bernie Sanders intelligent basis for American reasoning most of all but would also be ready to ride out the storm of these decades with the ever heroic Hilary Clinton

But surely Americans electoral powers aren’t for determining the fate of life
everywhere on the planet? Carpet bombing the civilian victims of Daesh is no way to rid a house of ignorance and delusion. People everywhere in vast majority want to live normal lives where their kids go to school and there isn’t completely overwelming violence and disaster. Deom X

Banning a mainstream international religion is not something a President can do.

A lot of Republicans seem to say only things that are completely unrealistic

Ted Cruz wants to smartcarpetbomb and shut down the government
What kind of cockeyed campaign is this?

Lindsay Graham considers Donald Trump to be the worst thing that could possibly happen but would support him if he won the REpublican leadership and that is just insane.

Ben Carson wants to have American soldiers menacing the border of Canada
Canada where there is every hope that America pulls it together

Trump once he’s won the nomination should just hand it off to Hilary
Can Obama serve as VP?

Maybe they can make Rubio minister of something

thanks to our last prime minister we in canada are down for
most of the u.s. bush cheney admin crimes – Canada itself
and we could be wiser or less wise when it comes down to it
everyone’s facing the same problems everywhere
my heart’s with the bus drivers

The Squirrel Cuckoo



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