Ole Miss Font


for Billie Holiday and Neil Young

Ole Miss’, it comes to mind only as the hundreds of thousands of paying

customers at their games, the bright white bright red uniforms,
and possibly an invented font right there

on the field – Ole Miss Font 

I now know

the school engages in a kind of pyramid
entrapment scheme destructively exploiting its students!
Holy 60 Minutes revellation.

Their example: young guy’s minding his own business in his dorm.
Classmate drops by and says “Can I leave this here?” “Ya sure.”
The guy’s crime is thus lying in his bed reading and
not making a big issue of someone leaving something on his desk.
A little time goes by and another guy stops by, picks it up,
and then the police come in and he is charged with dealing drugs.

Being terrorists at heart in the truest sense, what the
Police of Ole Miss do is insist he find ten people
to buy drugs from and then turn them in for it.
An innocent student has essentially been forcibly hired
via a genuine terror tactic of State to compel others
to commit minor crimes, or otherwise set people up.
So much for schoolwork.

How many do they drive to suicide with these schemes? or into terrible trouble.
Or to crime, planting drugs on people then pointing them out as the seller.
A few hundred times of that happening is sure good use of state function.

I was so disgusted seeing that I moved on from that channel. Too depressing.

Get to CBC Newsworld and Fifth Estate is documenting the case of the
two Canadian sons of a Canadian Diplomat in Florida. The older son
was killed in a drug deal gone bad, while the younger son
waited in the car outside. 15 year old,
he wasn’t even ‘driving the getaway car’ – can’t even drive –
they have video footage of him being in the passenger seat of the car
when the gunshots erupt. He runs in and discovers the horrifying scene,
his brother (fatally) shot in the room, and the little drug dealer,
also shot. The 15 year old Canadian runs out in a panic, runs around,
doesn’t know what to do.

Freaking out. Can’t drive; scared of the other guys;
freaked about his brother bleeding out. He’s doomed.

Enter the State: they charge him with murder, and want to try him as an adult.
Nor will they release him on bond to the mother.

The juicy kicker to the travesty, to make things worse,
the guy who ran the drug dealership and other guy there,
both cut deals to testify against the 15 year old.
Given that the other two combatants were dead, one of these two
had to be who killed the brother, if not both.
They plead out on lesser charges
and the 15 year old who wasn’t in the room
is down there now, somehow on trial for murder
facing life in prison.

The creepy nervous judge looked to have a bad conscience
a real bad conscience as she said all that she said in her ruling.
Like she knows some people are going to hate this ruling
as a kind of malfeisant practise of law, inconsiderate of true justice.

A 15 year old awaiting trial, waiting in the car
while his older brother does what he wants to do
can’t be called a crime.

I hope he sues the State of Florida for terminating his education
and putting him through hell. How many years in the wretched prisons of Florida?
Filled with people set up by the desperate and corrupt, testified against in plea deals,
lives ruined. One can only suspect these are prisons-for-profit schemes infusing
layers of lazy, self-assured corruption. It is dishonest jurisprudence.
And does amount to terrorism.


And with that, a happy Sunday to all. I can’t help but be startled by these stories
having young adult nephews. The notion of their lives being intervened on in this way horrifies me. It’d be devastating.




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