The Game Intensity of the Priggish

The priggish have been priggish going back several hundred years

The priggish sector wages a hard fight for priggishness.
Believe me, they can be tenacious. Unrelenting priggishness for decades.
They’ll never give up on trying to make it a priggish world.

Everyone is is a little priggish at some angle
or squeamish, but the hard core priggish people
that turn most cultural manifestation into
something rounded up bound and tied
emotionally and physically and even at the basic
organ level, the ‘priggishness overrules everything’ crowd

In this era there are so many non-priggish people it could drive you mad
but the tenacity of the priggish 19% is plenty.
When they get down to 5% and less
they will still likely win.

The priggish just have this power over
society, always will.

We all may as well lay down our arms
and just go along.

It makes you wonder though. Negative, unkind laws,
people regretting happening to be who they are
because the priggish have got control of the island
I woulnd’t want to lie either, or fail to conform,
but can’t find priggish exactly except at times of mould
or terrible odour. It does happen.
Every surgeon is partly a doctor or they die
glad he’s retired.


Priggishness and frustration must have their outlet somwwhere.
Collected electricity where does it go

It doesn’t go into lightning storms or damns

I think we just absorb it like caked shit on the mind

how could you wear those shoes
who wears shoes like that to a funeral
you’re not high are you?
in a pollution era

ultimately though priggishness pressures fall away

al queda, they’re some priggish fuckers, and csis

come eat suet from my hand isis assholes csis clone

if bikes had wings


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