drugs herbs fleece pollutants cancer mercury lamps

science news today on radio.
the cause of cancer, or really,
the process of cancer.
the way smoking increases the chances of it is that whenever cells die, from booze, chemicals, burns, smoking, pollution, injury, new cells have to be produced. All living things are always producing more cells, but the more new cells you have to produce, just like in gambling, the more chances they will mutate while in production. It’s the mutations that can be cancer or a huge lottery win! tho thats rarer.

It isn’t that tobacco smoke causes mutation, but increases the amount of chances for mutation, because like all those other things, it kills cells. I’ve always wondered why alcohol also was said to cause it, well thats why. Same with pollution and much else. It increases the chances of cancer, chances of cancer, chances of cancer, All chances for mutation. Don’t smoke could be replaced with don’t let cells be killed. But pollution isn’t going anywhere in fact it’s increasing. Did you know that fleece is made from recycled plastics which never break down and the tiny particles are found in all beach water and fish? Ha, thought it was this big uninteresting hard labour day, but the radio science stuff was actually important.

garlic is great against organic things, even fire, but there’s no relations between garlic, rosehip, acidophilus, omega fats, green beans and spinach, and plastic.

The whole plastic and oil industry in general assault on us
seems to be some borg kill plan.

Organic things will only go so bad.
The chemicals on them tho,
anything that kills cells
or massively impedes the whole process

like unrelaxation

liberal socialist libertarian communalists
and nonbeing artists

pillows on chairs heels on shoes
and no clothing that impedes blood flow or overheats
(wide belts such as i am wearing are a bad idea

a type of mercury lamp that was to be mandated for electricity savings disperses mercury in our water and land and now is a disaster

coal and nuclear power and longer life expectancies
and the anti-collectivity thinking when so much of that effect is everyone

possibly my favorite of all my mother's paintings

80% of present day cocaine is cut with a drug meant for deworming animals. deworming isn’t the effect it has on humans tho. it makes people very sick

present day cocaine users are being annihilated by this awful deworming supplement for lower mammals, x amount of cocaine gives enough of the dewormer to be a lethal dose. i’ts not even nice. who knows why they’re cutting it with that. anything pill or powder or processed you’re getting mostly some other shite.

all powder is from hell.

the funny thing is, i already thought cocaine was a negative thing before even at all hearing of it, a bad mental effect at its best, a hassle.
Always cut with something or other, but just not even good in itself. Straight up gummy opium, it’s heartbreaking how many people went to the hellish derivatives, cocaine, crack, coca cola, but the problem has always been that opium is too good, while these other drugs weren’t even good.

deeply faithful loyal loving and if something is a risk to someone then i with my lucky dna and exceeding healthy and powerful immune system and mind should see what it is. ive done countless drugs from that perspective, “i should know” the 1stmost one ive never done is ecstasy, because ecstasy happens naturally, and ecstasy the drug is a simulacra that quickly burns up chemically the ability to experience ecstasy, literally, it’s like ecstasy ends the possibility of ecstacy,

coke crack and cocaine tho, the things its cut with are horrible and intolerable, some cruelty behind that.

In our day it was detergent and things, but the whole cia crack cocaine cocaine cia nightmare, criminal gangsters, the actual drug is opium, which we haven’t seen since military colonization and making a big deal of it, and using it to fund war, but always turned into powder or needles, always the worst form of anything

any cocaine one could buy could be cyanide, it’s a never was

and the people i saw or gained insight into,
their worlds were all harm

the rejection of processed food goes directly to drugs


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