3d: BE! NICE! TO! SWANS!! 4D:

I went to the lakefront and photographed Canada Geese, Swans, a purple Mallard or related duck, lots of sunshine and water.

Feeling sorry for the Swans, they say they are non-indigenous and take all the best nesting spots from indigenous birds with their bullying ways. Could Swans allowed to grow their eggs render Mallards or others extinct? Clearly the Swans aren’t so different from Canada Geese or Trumpeter… Swans

when I read in the paper the animal conservationists were putting vegetable oil on the eggs of Swans preventing them ever hatching despite so much hard work I grew fed up with non-indigenous human culure thinking by depressing a few
individual birds they’d set right hundreds of years of overwelming intrusion, and talk about pointing the finger at the wrong two legged newcomers. It’s another version of The Cove. Except so seemingly petty and unkind. The transformation of North America into paved highways and subdivisions and cities is not to be compared with a Swan couple living their lives. Sparrows, we can only hope that they survive. (Nearly extinct in England.

But who really wants to divide living things on quite these lines. The continents were once joined, large birds after all fly, they are just the Swans as they were in Europe 500 years ago and now are here. As Carol Goar said in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago, it amounts to human cruelty, and nothing much more. And so arbitrary.

Part of human life has to be about living now
The nebulous beings that and all are

Swans that find themselves here, the new image for the spirit of welcome such as it exists in Ontario. The more the better I figure. But at least let these rare stragglers hatch their eggs. Next spring I believe we should lay off putting the vegetable oil on the Swan’s eggs

Swans, Sparrows, Starlings, Seagulls, and Smaller, Sophisticated subtle types of cat, such as Calico, Tabby, and Siamese, all may not have evolved here in Southwestern
Ontario. Are we not ourselves called upon to be kind to them. And how was it not natural for the Sparrows, Starlings and Seagulls to find their way here exploiting our propensity for sea travel? The day I am unloyal to a sparrow isn’t easy to imagine. Mum, perhaps you could to relatively small bird paintings of the key species, impressionistic? For a book

The lightest rich watercolour beginning with the sparrows


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  1. whose so local?

    Comment by oversion — February 12, 2012 @ 7:37 am

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