Leslie Spit 2017 After The Flood

Finally got to check out the flooding effects on Leslie Spit
and get a sense of where things were at now.
Some low lying areas as of the present high plants
covered in mud and tens of trees still rising out of water.
(The only photos of which perform an optical illusion
such that one would not know precisely what one was seeing.
Challenges of photographing reflecting substances in the woods.
Fascinating though.

The number of strange birds lately though suggests either
rare species romancing like I have not seen in this life.
A robin and flicker bird in the yard. So strange.
Hanging out with robins, looking like a robin from some angles
but very different feathers and turns into a flicker when it flew.
In one photo looks like a dove.

Doves seem to be seeping in everywhere, siring flickers, starlings,
I’ve seen so many types of bird seeming like they have one
dove-like one in their mist, acting just like them. Peaceniks,
Dovers infiltrating all the same size birds.

Next thing you know, there’s this doves in every tree night energy
and a vast network of weird early morning cooing.

Still love sparrows the most. This one flew between us at lunch today
and then sat on the arm of our table near my head and eagerly
stretched out the neck to tug a bit of rye crust from my fingers.
Genuinely friendly.

Got to see so many birds today this world is full of birds still
important to know that


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