Netanyahu’s Critics, & Canadian Taxpayers

Having watched Right Wing Settlers on youtube a few weeks back march into the palestinian part of town armed and shouting about bulldozing the homes of the people there, I was definitely on the team secular phlosophically, but approximately this greeted me on tv itself yesterday:

…and what did it greet me? Well as I confusedly reported on my literal world fb

(then switched its privacy settings in the wake of 10 dead on the aid convoy)

it was quite the startling sunday… Joanne and I had lunch and she set off in the car while i walked north. So I get to bloor and frankly, like little insectlike sprites, like a dream, tonnes of darkly clad armoured up cops took over bloor. I had no idea why and was taken aback by their angry shouting and aggression. I took a couple photos and then when none were that near me I minced speedily across the street and re-emerged up the block for more photos. As I put on a friendly smile and mild body language I stepped toward one policeman to ask if it was a parade or something. He looked immensely angered by me and recognized me from – gasp! – the other side of the street. (No one said anything to me about not going home that day.) But they were too busy to attack. Every pair of cops would seal down a spot and yell at everyone and then another set would advance further. If this was kandahar I’d be impressed at least by the speed, but this is idle bloor st, most are choosing which outdoor cafe to dabble away at. So nonsequitur. The worst was an open sided van motoring along like in jacobs ladder, all the masked armoured hatefaced monsters in it blazing me with fierce cruel threatening looks as they glided by. A young couple had ambled up beside me with the girl asking what it all was and i heard him say something about the president, to which she said so what, and he, as if having to justify himself somehow, said “well he is a somewhat controversal figure.” Friendly thoughtful Pakistani Canadian couple. They had a charming vibe and subtlety, and were in no hurry to say a cruel word. Obama? Then all the mercedes benz were bubbling by and I was feeling disgust. Why are my tax dollars paying for people who hate me to take over my street and threaten me with fast death or kidnapping? F offfff!!!!

Turned out it was the motivational speaker du jour Benjamin Netanyahu.  “Everything we do is absolutely justified, and everything our enemies do is absolutely awful and illegal and immoral.” (to paraphrase)

Highly complicated world to say that in.

My own views are a lot more nuanced.


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  1. “I just want my money back…”

    Comment by oversion — June 1, 2010 @ 4:40 am

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