G20 Toronto vs Egypt, Iran

I find it close to impossible to believe that someone who had their arm broken by the police at the g20 protests would be in a hurry to discount objection to the policing of g20. Right to protest, and human rights as a whole, are at the heart of the conflagration in Egypt, so trivializing such concerns here is inexplicable. But as you pointed out, that is not to minimize extremes overseas. I could scream all day about Evin prison in Iran. Outrage could not be more total and absolute. But penning people up by the dozen in cages when they have been convicted of nothing, or those pending trial being held in 3s and 4s in 2 bed cells, so they have to sleep on the floor, is also repulsive.
Arizona’s tent jail is an outrage, but would I prefer to be in it or on the floor of a cell in don jail? Bottom line, none of these options are acceptable. And being jumped for no reason by police, beaten and tossed in a cage, …no comparison to other parts of the world would mitigate it. I went to the friday night protest g20 weekend, and thought things were  going better than advance billing had indicated, so Saturday and Saturday night chaos was an unpleasent surprise. Sunday, like others, I thought fine, it’s over, good time to bike out and see how my 3 decade community had fared, and was just lucky not to be in their demented trap, but home with groceries watching it on tv insanely outraged on the kettled people’s behalf.

City and country lost a ton of trust and respect, near all of it really.

Havent’ felt the same about it since. Still unhappy about it. And

those who ordered it have yet to have any accountability whatsoever.

Blair answers the questions, but it was he who finally ordered the kettle freed. Someone else ordered it. Was it Blair’s idea to put cages planet of the apes style at the east side detention centre?

At the least, those who made those choices require psychiatric treatment, and to no longer have access to the power of the state.



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