Kopegaron Woods Zenith 1st Version

I walked in many woods over recent days, including the woods of
being back at work but with holiday visit continuing. Imagine,
Joanne seeing my Tuesday after workday self
not just any 3 day weekend but the full splendour one
Greyhound bus flightlike journey to Windsor on Saturday
a woods in itself. Anything can happen on the greyhound.
Saturday night relaxing in east Windsor which is just barely not a woods
as the trees stand now, and would be a deep woods in two years
without electricity and oil power etcetra. The trees and bush
are stronger than humans there. Just pure deep woods.
Windsor Detroit were called C’ote du Misere before being named Detroit
De trois woods or de troit rivieres; it had to be one or the other
cote du misere, misery coast. The cross Atlantic visitors could
survive many places on this continent, but hardly stood a chance
with those woods that brush and the intense and ever ready
kind of place it already was without the fledgling settlers.
When it comes to invading other countries nations or peoples
with the intent to stay, invading almost randomly this continent
the fact that a war was already going on some places they’d invade
should have been a factor. The quasi colonists, mostly poor,
were in hopeless in such a quixotic atmosphere like that.
Massive regrowth of woods held at bay by hand
no gas or electricity, but faced with a fully present
human inhabitance of the region, that was strong and very smart.

From that to the turn of the rivers with economic realities there
it remains an incredible marvel. The trees fill every world there.
All trees grow. It’s very much a tree world. Over Centuries,
the contents of the mind overhighlight the historic mass
of global conflict and times of relative peace. Joking
has become only something one can do in the warehouse
our world is so serious now, and pubs/atios and in the woods.
Phog Saturday night was the true woods
and I got to my play my father’s piano
as it resides at the phog lounge in windsor
being treated well and appreciated enormously.
I was raised artistic spiritualist myself, intellectual.
I’d probably barely survive anywhere, and yet survive
hopefully for all time just on a few phrase turns
that became seizmic in a later writing style
like the rest of the curved people out there

Monday we set out northeast back in the direction of Toronto
in a curled sideways j shape, veering out toward pointe pelee
but past it to where his ashes are, kopegaron woods

joanne and i boardwalked it through the forest
until finding the outside of the woods on the other side
a farmer’s field in sunlight, I think Radichio, hard red salad
a cross between kale and rhubarb that happened naturally
in tomato and corn country, orchard country, outside the urban centres
with real soil, such a difference lightning makes

and of course the last two days in the warehouse
with the humidity and all else, so like woods
it’s all woods culture, nearly everywhere ive lived
moncton st jean windsor st clair beach
all would be general woods but for humanity
and so, what do the kopegaron woods think?

was set to load all the photos from the whole since Friday
and the battery went out

the chopin lighthouse “blind” pure mind of music
iyre 0 every bit of love in the world
the marshlands and woods


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