anti-aboritionists are thus pro-illegal abortion
deadly unsupervised amateur surgery
are the republicans in favour of unsupervised amateur surgery?
it’s the same with the drug world and prostitution.
to illegalize the vast humanity of drugs prostitution abortion
would have to distrust and view as enemy the entire government
all those people, like a 30% that don’t vote, don’t receive services,
and have to distrust, and instead just receive the splatter of government

(so inspired by the debate tho i prefer my own views) (Democrats debate a good one)
but they’re great background sound. I love Sanders and Hilary
and they love each other. So few can be as well spoken as Hilary Clinton
unbelievable clarity every sentence. Sanders is more aggressively true,
he’s trying to inspire America to reach beyond current thinking.

Would it have been better not to have busted open the Middle East
with the war on Iraq? o the luxury of 20 years ago when the Middle East was
just a complex stable place we knew nothing about without catastrophic violence.
The wars have only increased violence.


Third Rail Politics Press tRpp



Legal or Illegal there will
be abortions. Safe


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