Essay on Love and Morality

when people look scary to me, i just think

‘nonetheless there are methods by which

to defeat them.’

There are layers and layers of true loyalty.

Everyone on earth every description or number of legs and wings cares

Is it a law that human beings all have the right to defend themselves from animals fish and bugs? It is not presumed that an animal might, despite all training kill rather than detain? This goose did just that. It could tell I had no ill intent, thats how friendly a place windsor is, it was nice seeing happy canada geese. I’ve long thought of those who did support sparrows as some unimaginably troubling kind of creature, from some scythe of strangeness like possum or jackal. Imagine having a pet possum, the terrible demented cred.

ive always felt like if someone points a gun of any kind at one, one can do anything at all to them.

This is an essay after all. Or part of one. I’m analyzing my own atheist humanist moralities and beliefs. Pure philosophy really. I suppose it’s almost a poetry.

I think I knew I hadn’t myself made the world as it was from an early age.

my loyalty to you is so vast it is larger than the world.

Other notes: I think Britain is fed up with the Canadian Parliament and is getting ready to shut us down. I’ve been trying to reach Sidney Poitier for his views on Canadian politics, but I’m pretty sure the whole “Coalition Government” thing in England is just a snap snap lesson to our abhorrent prime minister, and the perfectly awful party he supposedly “leads” Such boff

“it’s an angry country” lb

One day, Canada will seem kind again

Bush! Mulroney! Trudeau Chretien Levesque “and the real people, those ndp” but would a leftist government elected in Canada receive the support or have command of the police and banks? Nor even the walmarts. Can Canada think from both sides of its brain? Brian Burke, hurray for your first line left wing performance so humanist! Humanity has been such a nightmare, and still anti-hippy, still too cowardly to fuck off from lifestyles of their own, these exorbitantly expensive politicians and authorities, cost us a lot more than criminals mostly. The Government is like an untrustworthy insurance scheme against all sorts of things it cancels arbitrarily protection for. The wiles of democracy by the insane for the insane, in the business sense. I understand everything, every perspective. Come to mama. Feminism, which is the one ism that hasn’t been tried already, a kind of activated multiperspective humanism, thats the only philosophy of the future.

In the meantime of course, males have to make war amongst themselves, and see women and children and old people as collateral. I don’t know if I know anyone who ourselves wouldn’t be collatoral, collateral, colitral, colateral, collateril, collateray, callaradical, coliteral,

colorado carolina in 11

it’s now late monday, and what a weekend!


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  1. we are all co

    Comment by oversion — May 19, 2010 @ 3:05 am

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