The World’s Revolutions

Storming the offices of the kleptocracy another 200 years North Americans will be ready to infiltrated hacked and turned into the greatest disaster in governmental history

think about justice

My grandfather Grampa learnt plumbing by starting working in the mill at the age of 9. He had a chip on his shoulder, and was built like something that would go through the pipes. About 5.5 with 300 pounds of muscle hooked onto his bones. Boats of chance.

…I was so sad and astonished,
We are always amazed

People shouldn’t have to work on Feb 29s: Lets storm the Pharaohs offices with this demand wrapped in arms”

On the other hand of course, if it is anonymous we don’t know who is actually putting in the
information requests. If the bureaucratic mountain
does unveil to this loch ness monster of privacy
it will be an amazingly interesting thing to contemplate in all regards except actual content, as few really need to know these things about them. It’s fascinating. You can’t be searched without cause by actual enforcers but this you can, by anonymous who-knows-what? Sure hope crime doesn’t find its way inside the back door peep hole of internet, like it won’t!

How get out of the kitchen? Tentacles upon tentacles, but if it’s there and meddling in all these things light years from its own manner of thought anything one does is some kind of response to it.

My Grandfather learned “plumbing” literally in child labour, orphaned in England at 9 forced to work in a mill, eschewed and professed some wrath for universities and those who went there, but isn’t it strange to have all these university educated
politicians exhibiting this anger at the university world? Government is an unwieldy beast and should not be used to intimidate complicated thought.


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