Meet The Mubarak’s

Mubarak is ‘worth’ 40 to 60 billion
in a country where 40% live on less than $2 a day;
the numbers in their censuses are likely actually less
reflective of extreme poverty there..
Another report said 20% “live below the poverty line”
a startling stat given the stat that said 40%
live on $2 a day, as if the poverty line is $1.90 a day?
but even then those who have no income at all
probably aren’t on the census or counted
while 40 to 60 billion dollars of the nation’s wealth
belongs to Hosni Mubarek, the great U.S. allie
and his son worked for Bank of America
(toronto branch i worked for fired everyone
engaging in a union drive, i was a temp at the time
including a woman who’d been vp human resources
good friends of the long time bank of america canada hq prez
buhler! She was so shattered, they’d all been ‘one family’
The son has made a mint because Egyptian rquires
a huge portion of investment include an Egyptian citizen
and there he was with his cut of everything
Who knows what a well guarded future dictator
making that kind of money does with his free time
but the week’s events have indicated the most extreme
unpopularity of both father and son, may they have their
accounts frozen hard and given back to the people




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