Trump Pence Actionable Tickets to Impeachment






He’s gone full fascist. Unconcealed fascist nihilist.

Nihilism to Mexican children, terrorism, Donald Trump the Terrorist outright.
Nihilism to American Indigenous rights, presence, land. Fully violent overtones.
Terrorist President. And all his supporters have to take the blame.

Silently nihilist with regards to Israel Palestine as Israel announces major
increases to building in Palestinian territory.

A stunningly evil day.

Despite incredibly little support in his party or appointees
like a terrorist he’s pressing forth with torture. Which is criminal.
Does Pence have to sign off on it? If so, it is the best way to impeach both at once.
Pence’ presence in this world is like that of DDT.
I’ve fully dehumanized him. Or he’s fully dehumanized himself.

Three counts of terrorism so far. The secret service agent was right.

The aggressive dishonest gruesome push for voter suppression
is moreso criminal than terrorist in method. He isn’t threatening personally
poor and disenfranchised and marginalized (and any other obvious anti-Trump
voters) directly or by any terrorist method, just seeking to make it impossible

for them to vote. Which is also a crime.


How much Republican voter fraud was there? How many Republicans
given a wink and a nod to vote multiply with extra id?

That counts as two criminal charges.

“Divide the people!”

GWB has never told the truth. The whole Bush family are _________.

Now if hypocrisy were a crime, wouldn’t that be some fun.
Or falsely proclaimed wars killing millions.


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