Children discussing classism’s and religion’s overlap

“It’s not good; it’s evil. Classism is evil. So anywhere you find classism, it’s evil, no matter how splendid it appears.”

“Evil is just an adjective. The words have no power now, just adjectives and concepts.” A happy smile. “The Deities would have adapted to the future were they these grand things they claim to be.” Much laughter around the room…

Children of the world discussing the brutal interactions of class, race and other forms of diminishing categorizations in the practises of all the religions of this world.

“Do you believe in both your religion and (class, wealth, power, “circumstance” type (and then also all the tenets of a religion?”

Several of the children were nonplussed by this question. Then they all started laughing. Seeing how much had been proved against parts of religion they didn’t like. The “power” the import of things nothing to do with religion all about imbalanced power relationships and assigned roles.”

A mad mirth took over the whole picnic area.


The Picnic Area. What do sparrows know after all?


I think in making the point about classism’s role in just about every country where whichever religion plays out (classism and other categorizations: gender, race, etc) it can to a certain extent liberate the ideals of the religion offering at the least the opportunity to think about the divisions and subjugations for what they are, and the ideals of the religions can vary from that as the new Pope is showing with his remarkable values and honesty. Mohammed for instance stipulated this difference: in spreading Islam, there was the credo of respecting local customs, relatively synonomous with respecting the people. Where the long developed ways of a people, oft oppressed, could come along; also amounting to an “And also this” with regards to the greater meaning of it all. I love the role of vocalizations, and the dailiness of the prayer and its purity bring to mind yoga and meditation and seems very valid. But still in judging a presentation of reality, you have these very different outcomes: Saudis and the like with simply shocking degrees of classism, genderism, and outrageous wealth; Daesh somehow attaches it to torture and sex slavery; in South Asia it somehow justifies endless danger for mothers and daughters. Christianity is in a position where every once in a while one is flooded with utterly horrifying stories of the role of the church over the years. Today’s fresh wonder, at one of the Residential Schools, the Nuns had devised an electric chair for the children, and they’d laugh as the kids were electrocuted. This mix of racism, genderism, ageism, so obnoxious, and not part of a proud history of anything. And unrecognizable as such. What deity would accept it? What moral person would accept it? But still, the ideas, an all loving caring and wise God that would create the world and then for all eternity lovingly care about everything that happened in it. Quite wonderful. If only it were so and the God was nice. https://oversion.wordpress.com/children-discussing-classisms-and-religions-overlap/


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