Popular Toronto Media v Ford Harper

Now Magazine Newsfront

When people post links you get some ginormous article and whose to say if anyone actually notices the salient points one was eagerly sending forth? And people out of town get the online version of the article, and people so much of the like. I’m just happy when goings on here are reflected upon elsewhere and vice versa. But at the same time, my agenda is a lot more particular than a drive to get everyone I know in other cities to read 30 online newspaper articles a day. And what is quoting? It is retyping the salient points. So, I was wondering how new Mayor Rob Ford’s surge of angry populism would play, how far would it burrow into Torontonians zeitgeist. If Eye Magazine and Now Magazine are an indication, no one is convinced. Back when Mike Harris was Premier of Ontario, news leaked out that there was some thinking to the effect of creating a crisis in health care, to make privatizing it more desired in the masses. My father back then, precisely:  late november 96, was diagnosed with metastasized cancer, so needless to say the notion of manufacturing a crisis in health care did not play well on my hustings. It was probably for the best Snobelen spent most of his time outside the country. What was it about the 90s that cynicism was so immensely popular? Anyway here’s a few of the affirming statements from the free popular media: Always happy to see Ed Keenan of Eye Magazine perceives it much as I do!

Now Magazine "Newsfront"


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