Reviews: Kemp McCarthy Venright Barlow 2011

I loved Clintons before they even had poetry readings. And loved The Art Bar Reading Series long before it was ever imagined moving to Clinton Street and Bloor Venue where I gave perhaps my 9th art bar series reading, having so enjoyed previous incarnations of the series. I first did an art bar reading up on St Clair W, other times imperial pub, and one in a basement on the tiny restaurent street off Yonge, and more than one at Clintons, counting open mics and special events and launches on their present territory as of at that time, and so often with Steve Venright. Having him and Penn Kemp as coreaders was thrilling going in, and it’s always just as important to have a writer you don’t know yet be among the co-readers, it makes it all real, learning in the present. So enjoyed it, 

The scale of poetry presence in the world is one of the rare things in the world that is right. Writing is so unlike performing on stage that the litmus is far skewed, and so individual and personal, so it’s good that a poetry event is usually around 40 people, in the vastest median sense, ranging from half a dozen or so to the cobo and scream scale events.

Poetry’s place in society: like the brilliant aphorisms of uncles and aunts growing up, so richly additional to reality, and yet so fleeting on the whole eh, ha ha, drastic statements allowed, it’s poetry!

The reality of Penn Kemp’s Magical quality is just so kind to the whole heart and senses. Julia McCarthy’s reading had me memorizing for quotation of moments that made it seem all spectacular and great. The breaks too were so busy lively and fascinating that by Steve Venright’s reading I was really quite ecstatic with the whole feeling of poetry reading. Even I am a journalism and perspective&argument reader now more often than a poetry reader, and yet poetry readings still seem the purest deal

Pro Sports and O”{_ may get all the ratings, but they don’t deliver like a poetry reading.

Completely new consciousness

In my own reading, which I of course remember least fleetingly, I remember a cool moment where my age old anti-religious-faith disposition got into the question of good, discussing between poems faith-atheism and atheistfaith, both of which for me equate to a kind of glowing atheism, but admit a translation that transcends superstructure. It’s not impossible, but if I hadn’t been around much loved people immanently to physically read my writing to people in the specific flow of that night with everyone present, I don’t see how it could have come to mind. It was fun; unbelievably fun!



  1. loved the night too, and the whole day!

    Comment by oversion — June 19, 2011 @ 3:12 am

  2. Thanks for your kind words, John ! It was a magical evening indeed. And a ebullient audience of more than 60!

    Comment by Penn Kemp — June 19, 2011 @ 1:41 pm

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