ocapper led anti-g8&20 friday protest

i was hearing live radio reports on the radio at work and so was intrigued down there

and when i got to dupont stn to collect my bike, a bike had been locked to its brake chord.

walked fast home and got the clunker out and i was off to see the protest, standing up to g20 g8 bullshit

it was a bit chaotic seeming at first, i was clumsy enough in thinking and ramifications land, and the camera had its first ever, real fal

but the vibe was actually serene and helpful, not one hostile moment in the whole tour from there on

I know before I got there there were arrests and incursions, the taptaptapping of batons on palms, but it hadn't worked, the thousands strong crowd surged on dancing and drumming

the camera resumed working though, lense trouble for sure. and the bike, i have to go back and go back and go back, to see if the other cyclist has unlocked there's from my brake chord -- CSIS!!!

Such a nice building that green and white one.

Really cheered me up. Iv'e been working and coming home at night feeling horrified by what our society has become. Billions for hostility, and less and less for anything else. What a relief that OCAP and the many others were able to pull off this thoroughly energizing response to it all.

The police attempted many means of preventing the Protestors from doing one or another thing but eventually it flowed on and into Allan Gardens

miles of them, groups, orgs, associations, but having john clarke add the extra emph, i feel reassured that the society hasn't rolled under and died in this rhinoceros of counter intuitive right wing impositional mentality. Good to know people are resilient


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