Flaherty Billions/Windsor’s Election/Windsor Star

I wonder if there’s anyone in that New Conservatives Party with any real knowledge of money matters, because surely they’d replace the
worst Finance Minister in the history of the country. The current Federal Government entering tenure with a thirteen billion dollar surplus, plus, collecting the windfall of fifty-seven billion dollars from the “surplus” in the EI funding, (our deductions on our paycheques, bonus tax trick!) – Since then they have become the largest borrower
in Canadian history, so what happened to the seventy billion dollars?
Flaherty was also used by Mike Harris to gut the finances of Ontario’s Government back in the 90s. When seventy billion dollars goes for nothing in return one suspects one’s government has loyalties elsewhere.

But it is part of an more expansive phenomenon of playing the voters and the working class for fools, stoking up legitimate anger and impatience, playing showup showdown sham behaviours and trying to score quick cheap points, with an often starved electorate.
In the Windsor election a lot has been made of the flimsy behaviour of the Windsor Star. The Star was never that great a paper, often :over: before you’d found a really worthwhile article. But since it’s been owned by agenda driven superchains with no real Windsor ties, it’s become a puzzle to decode for Windsor people, though I scoop every copy I can when I visit. Sure, Thomas Sowell defends unconscionable positions from his Stanford, California offices, writing soft Nietzschian whimsy and apologias for American foreign policy, but maybe he was once in Windsor? The editorial board was basically caught pressing for Eddy Francis and demeaning Rick Limoges, Neither is that terrible a candidate. Nor that inspiring. In a Windsor Star text interview with each answering the same questions Limoges made the best point in mentioning the many hidden taxes or means of scalping people that big tax cutters and fighters employ. ie., privatize it, people wind up with terrible service and inflating costs, Enwin etcetra, you’re still paying for it anyway, but more, and with only the hollow machine voice of a corporation, like harris selling the 407 for 1/millionth of its value to a foreign corporation with no sense of compunction about ripping people off and gouging. Which the public had paid for, just like that ei surplus. How claim you are a tax reducer when sneaking 57 billion dollars out of people for bullshit insurance that insures poorly roughly half of those who pay into it?
And making migrant workers who can’t collect pay into it is a crime.
Where are the courts? Useless
All those car workers and all the union city people have paid so much in unemployment insurance only to have it stolen and given to the banks and lougheed martin haliburton anderson and ultimately as all money must go to the chairman mao of organized crime Cheney.

Repeat it over and over, Canadian politics is as bullshit as Berlusconi
The sports section is much improved, with its one local flavour in the paper of obsession with the Spitfires organization. Rychel for Mayor!

Would Canadian politics pass or fail grade 11?
Those who said yes, would it pass grade 12?
Would it get its degree and be invited to graduate school? Can it?
It’s all advertizing and showmanship. But too often destructive.


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