Policing In Canada

on things like that I sometimes think the real starting point is

anticipating that the other will disapprove and condemn and criticize
and so it just starts out as a nervous fretful codicil on everything
but it’s always a tough task or cusp when there is both grieving and expressing of anger and demanding change all at once –
Without anyone criticizing a thing it would already be a giant thing to try to do
so any pushing from outside forces would be hard to deal with.
Everyone knows that nightmarish suffering is traumatizing
and grieving and healing requires a lot of gentleness.
But then expression of anger and demanding change isn’t always that.
There’s certainly no pat answer on any of these questions.
Individuals handle it the best they can. Certainly from my standpoint
gentleness is key.
Any exhibit would be entirely weighed on how it was done. The women deserve to be remembered and thought of kindly. If the exhibit failed to do that it would merit cancellation, but if it was doing that, wouldn’t it be a good thing? Maybe I should
be more courageous about the issue… I have known and loved or liked
or admired or been friends with many many women who might have been
candidates for a pickton family gang and it is absolutely a fighting matter
defending those many many women. So much goes into the inefficacy
of policing and other societal organizations very apparently failing them.
And what with all the decades of news items and people ive known
on all and connecting issues, I’ve come to have no faith in the system
on about 75% of the things the system looks after. In Detroit alone,
it was discovered that 72,000 rape kits had been paid for by rape victims
and then stored in basements never to be looked at again or opened by anyone.
All the crime shows show genius model cops working on all hours analyzing dna and specs of soil or gravel in shoes. It’s a shame. They’re chasing fluff like marijuana instead of doing even anything at all about violent crime. The system is good at keeping our records straight, good at taxing and monitoring i.d. and s.i.n. and pay stubs and is nearly always useless or making matters worse on more immediate troubles. But the System is also individuals. In reality, whatever the dramatic issue I usually one way or the other still go to my job and come home and hibernate recuperatively in my little dwelling. But again and again on sore points like pickton you know what I actually look to? The individual cop
taking action – not playing it through the system but taking action
themselves in a way they will be able to pass through the system.
The Pickton farm should have been obvious and should have been dealt with.
Real locals know things like that. A less alienated society it couldn’t happen.
And if someone’s rejoinder to that was “oh but it does” what i would ask them
is what non-alienated societies do you know of? The rich have their
once in a life time vulnerability that they spend billions trying to close out
while the poor are always vulnerable 365 days and nights of the year.
It’s not a white wash to say that eliminating class differences
would be required to a sizeable extent to decrease the vulnerability
of the most vulnerable, if anyone wanted to reduce crime.
Inaction versus Pickton Corp is one side of the coin, outrageous and constant vulnerability of the poor is the enormous other side.
The RCMP’s reputation has been able to find ways to become surprisingly and unexpectedly worse when it seemed it was as bad as it could be and I don’t like the new head and how that matter was settled with the other officers
complaining of Elliott. It just fouled their careers and it’s back to getting worse
as far as I can tell. Nor would I say CSIS is shining either of course. But such as
one might feel alliegiated in any way with one’s nation or public leadership
(when I so often dislike so many of them) the RCMP and other public
force-wielding components of government (over and above lawyers and judges of course) i tend to hold out a possibility of regard for rcmp, because so many
of the people that signed up for it would be signing up for the ideals of Canada
the mythos, with no specific prior sense of the individuals and goings on
in the immediate day of working relationships and particular individuals,
they’d be signing up big picture believing in the stated codes of rcmp
and red coat mythos believing they were on into an uncorrupted youthful
imagination of the A life, …they always say corruption or bad working relationships is endemic, but endemic is a non-quantifiable imaginary word. At least some of the people would be signing up, not just for money and power, but believing in the high ideals. Sure, if you’re at a protest and 3000 RCMP show up
it’s no great help they a percentage of them want to play fair hahaha
but the organization itself no matter how bad it got would just from mythos
include tons with belief in every dimension of justice truth and accuracy
and no matter what country we were in, that would be the true and fair and good
of humanity, and would likely be welcomed by even those just doing it for the money. Doing something Good for the money would be even better than just being paid the money. Ultimately failures of societies in fact have to do with behaviours around power relationships. Thats why I avoid power.

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