Oversion’s History of England

Recently encountered a strange Dutch tract of verbiage
with welm as a word, “er welm” meaning “a lot” in Dutch
I’d long believed welm was a word.
overwelm would be a lot of a lot
which is too much. Such as it is
the ledger of sheer miseries in this world.

c.6000 BC
Britain cut off from continental Europe by English Channel

Growing up, preconscious years, I somehow had an attraction
to old english spellings. Old English of course is a mixture
of Dutch and German peoples then. It would take a very patient
true expert to explain to the likes of me whether old english includes
the french period, or would that part be old french?
ie referring to the period english was banned in England
by the French. Charles is a French name, I note re my brother
and Charlie Brown.

You’ve probably heard of all this before,
but any time I come upon it, I have to trot through it:

The Romans rain from 43AD to the deepest 400s.
Then several hundred years til Vikings start raiding,
then the Dutch invade and take over northern England.
Then French start coming at southern England.
The Black Death intervenes on all these conquerings.
1399 Henry IV is the first English Speaking King. Ever.
Interestingly following the period of the Black Death,
which likely finally took invasion off the bucket lists of european nations.
The original peoples of England are long extinct
and were said to be small and pale with blue eyes.
Somewhere I have an awesomely readable beautifully written
history of England, the only place the originals have been mentioned.
They were pre all of this. The first 90 pages of it were pure fantastical heaven.
Sounding like fantasy on the whole, and based on very little.
Back in 6000BC England was joined to Europe
so for a long time they’d have been no more than a river in distance apart.
But they also would have been recovering from quite an earthquaky devastation.

Really eases off the monomaniachalism of the present doesn’t it.
If only the people of the present knew how many other presents there had been
and that their affiliations would be all different in different ages.
and with different spellings and pronunciations. Change is that rapid.
The world has already changed beyond my mindset
but my mindset it shall remain.

Swimming rooftop to rooftop, pausing there a while
and trying to get somewhere better. Disregarding science
often proven mistake.

Up with the Bayou.

The 2000s arrive and Radiohead releases OK Computer
and all the world is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7_bFZ7Dxok

Your great great grandparents genealogy
from all those periods of time.
Your sliced loose mind in the future
just as amazed.


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