several glimpses of ed fielding’s paintings

Oh the amazing love in Ed Fielding’s paintings, a saturated feeling of his places in the world and among others

So it is very nice to commune. While all the rational people are out doing rational things or watching rational television pieces from the corporations

Others are inside their communing, howling with stress inside and basking in the presence of others or their energies

making art

living in


I was excited to be making this post, and phoned my mother. Art is a joy of my life because of her, a thrill and expansive happiness. Less dramatically I do like oil painting so I’m not unbiased. The energies in the oil are probably more visible than in music. And to the assessment of the state of the canvases these are glimpses of glimpses the glimpses of some of the paintings, exceptionally refracted photos of photos of the paintings, just so you don’t think your eyes are deceiving you, this is quotation within an essay, like memories of, or a poem, which again, I definitely know Ed’s all for it!! All our conversations over the years all the exploration of just such nuances of what is difficult in the world, what is painful and stressful, what is wonderfully enjoyable, in the loss of that one has to believe in that it continues. Hidden reference to afterlife here!

And indeed, as Ed’s paintings emerge to the world

his enjoyment of advancing them and birthing them

rich art, layered, filled with specific colour effects, transparent glowing filmy presences,

intensities of surprise and apocalypse, and sheer love and enjoyment, all sensitively commingled

and filled with that particular intellect and love that was Ed Fielding, among his many incarnations of himself – actor and everything at once, experimentor and everything at once, sufferer and enjoyer at once, and definitely quite aware.

Maybe there are rules of life, complicated balances, one cannot be happy all the time; one can be happy; pecking orders of doom’ ‘mood fo sredro gnikcep  orrrrrrrrr not quite balances but vast varied imbalances of many kinds

But it’s like expecting feral cats to know English words, ::

People are alone and together, often frightened, sometimes happy, other times devastated, it’s like the 16th Century. Not the 1` not the 14th not 17th even but like the 16th century busy and industry working too hard with too little knowledge for how well it was going and all predicated on a royal system amounting to nothing so complex as nor less than what feral cats in a given microsystem would experience. Royalty Non Primavera. One of the key tenets of anarchism is there is no one or several all powerful beings, the one key way it differs from reagenism or stalinism or maoism or even poultergeist infestation.

Ed’s beautiful paintings. One focuses on one thing and one is otherwise failing to focus. One can read paintings like poems, focusing differently when reading them. One given perspective or another perspective all rationalized by There They ARE

whether it be DOGS OF WAR with its ferocity or interpretations of naked socialists on the march, naked socialists

isn’t conservativism some renegade angry males on the rag vendetta on people faking human concern for the sake of war?

Individuals, mere individuals, who want the power to destroy any life with mere accusations and eclipse them, old fashioned fascism, italics ‘they do mean you’ driven mad by the rare few, unwilling and with no use for actually understand anything not what th do

No Nuance Robots. Electoral bias. Thats what voting is. State your electoral bias. My boss today said “There is no need to save erroneous information for posterity” as casually as saying ‘Could you get the other phone” and I was so pleased, Stalin killed most fellow revolutionaries who might trump him politically or intellectualed, hardly a tenet of Communism, (and probably not so much a tenet as a rhizome of Socialism or Anarchism) (or American style democracy like Canada the unIndependent tends to, fraudulent advertizing, and intellectually uncompleted political parties, universally fragmented care care without vision like it even exists. I would need 2oo years off work to even wonder. And can’t afford more than a few days a month off beside weekends, with the alternative pretty much decimating poverty. But who cares I love work.

I’m very much with Ed on that. These are our lives. WE are the filmy ghost in the top corner of the consciousness, we are the rapidly




  1. The all too rapidly in some ways, I guess, re-reading that!

    Comment by oversion — November 26, 2009 @ 2:55 am

  2. These paintings appear technically perfect, John, what’s the demurral on that? I don’t see that they’re about sex, either, so much as about beauty and isolation. The one with the surrealistic door is wow. Cz

    Comment by czandra — December 3, 2009 @ 1:03 am

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