October 3, 2017

Pass their message on

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Pretty much bouncing around in the agro of having more
sickening spectacles rain down on life
with the world’s pronounced habit of doing so these days.
It’s painful think of at all, it’s so constant, all the time,
you cannot let it devour reality. Focus on it and stress
or embrace the rest of life and breathe and prevail.

My Saturday night writing oddly prescient to the vibe of this
coming, an interesting diversion in my “Italian Cinema” poem:

“Suddenly in scene after scene
the one or two humans present
were riddled with bullets
from a sizeable handheld automatic weapon
(weapons with no other purpose but crime and overkill
which are legally sold for some reason –
the taxes the government share on violence)”

I can forward the whole piece over.
Primarily it had been the write up of a film
that veers around, and that one bend
was an interesting moment, not in the original plan,
more like the little finger in the shining squeeking redrum redrum

It’s demented, all of it is, every scratchy paranoic thought out there
and the lunatics to put their guns where their minds are.

That said, I figure I road it out well, not watching CNN at all
on Sunday nights or Monday mornings, hence my fb update
about the exploding guinness can commencing my birthday week last night
and celebration of the blizzard in Calgary this morning
almost come off as prescribed.

I will not be bullied into endless Walking Dead scenarios. Fuck the gunmens’ reality

Amid grieving and pain the living are bright shadows
absorbing all the love of their lost loved ones in their shadows.

And it was interesting how the birds reacted to the news
of such a relentlessly gratuitous mass shooting
like a tall tree filled with starlings and crows
who had heard the shots from this faraway this morning
looking at me who will never aim a gun and wouldn’t dream of shooting them
as if I were a hunter.


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  1. I prefer to see them fly at their best

    Comment by oversion — October 3, 2017 @ 12:58 pm

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