777 Kingston, DeShaws, G20, Air Force Caw

And so we left behind L60, the Trumpeter Swan whom so inexplicably shadowed us, in Clarington, and rested from our amazement of him in Brighton overnight, rising at dawn, as you saw, and resumed our easterly somewhat northerly course, still exuberantly glad to be out of range of the Government’s evil and monstrous experimenting on Toronto’s southwest neighbourhoods, and simply free and on our own on a bright, lifeful planet.

As we pulled up along Barrie St., our lonetime unseen friends Rose and Dick DeShaw were immediately in view amid their infinitely free garden and indeed it was and is their “Poem Garden”

Hurray for seeing the Poem Garden with our own eyes.

And for seeing the world from which both Rose and Dick write their infinitely thoughtful and vigorous poems and tracts and essays and anecdotes.

Their neighbours visitted throughout the afternoon. We went out to lunch. And then inside to the vision of inward density of personal cultivation of meaning rivalled by none, the grace with which they inhabit leaving the most lasting impression, as we were very comfortable, and could easily imagine setting up of a Saturday night to watch hockey in there, or doing an all nighter at the computer. Certainly no wasted space in there! All to form and purpose.

We quickly learned that Kingston is full of writers, and most of them cross paths with Rose and Dick more than once a day! All sorts of splendid people do.

After almost a decade of correspondence, great confidences, supreme trust, and also publishing each other, this was the first time we’d been in the same city. They left Toronto in the late 70s, just a few years before I moved here. Their bookstore on Spadina, across the street from the El Macombo, has been many businesses since they left, and re-opened in Kingston. Dick became a guard at the penitentiary, giving him keen insight into life in Toronto during the G20. In prison, the occupants have roughly the same rights as Torontonians did south of Bloor and west of Yonge. Anyone can be jumped, overpowered, beaten into submission, stripsearched any number of times a day, have everything taken from them, locked up and told to shut up, just like G20 Toronto.

downtown toronto the same as a prison:
anyone can be overpowered, strip searhced, any time,
at the guards’ discretion, as many times as the guards
deem necessary; any area can be locked down;
no one is owed an explanation; there is no right of exit;
This is why those who live here so enormously
resent what occurred, while much of the country
saw a burning police car and a glimpse of several
black bloc with a pickaxe and said Lock Them Up
clueless as MacLean’s magazine.

Of course Dick DeShaw’s range of thought goes well beyond his work experience. Wisdom weighs all dimensions. What to do with one’s time and energy is hereby introduced as among the famous ‘First Questions of Philosophy’ and both of our hosts are tremendously great influences for me in addressing the question.

On the one hand fighting battles one cannot win shortens life to a nasty bit of brevity. On the other hand, how much has the idealism of Rose and Dick DeShaw sustained and powered them? Or my own mother for instance. Always right next to the Queen in age, and still so dramatically powerful, her wonderful volatility plus as I like to think of it. The Nazis didn’t overrun her England. And when she came to Canada and suddenly had a son to mother in the Maritimes, imagine the culture shock. Who even knew what the people of Moncton thought? The vicious pseudo-moralities that brochette this planet in human form can be overcome. Just ask that fake populist Ahmadinejahypocrite. Abhorrent governments, perverse, twisted public officials, and sadist religious authorities abound, but no one need accept it, or believe in the permanence as such of such brutal spiritual incompetence.

Duly inspired, when we returned to Toronto we set forth to the 3rd Saturday of protests in Toronto. 3rd time lucky it seems, as for the first time the government infrastructure stood and listened. “If we don’t have rights, you don’t have rights.” Not that we weren’t deferential also. I specifically did bring my backpack, momentarily breaking my boycott since the g20. (I’ve enforced my boycott of the NO CIVIL RIGHTS OR COMMON DECENCY zone by not bring my backpack into it: it’s blockaded like Palestine or Israel. Like the East Bloc.

Jo is in the CAW so having her policized by my backpack, daringly packed with scary things like the bicycle tire pump and an umbrella,

…backpack and umbrella and bicycle pump and poems

It was such a fine protest in so many ways. Of course, for those who do not like gentle, it would have seemed less precarious at first for the state to think about it, but letting in the subtle strength of the temperately minded (when it comes to dramatic violence at least, air force kid after all, all very cerebral) (it is not the air force’s job to lose in battle) (you know you’ve done your job if your reasoning is correct, being a slight evolution from if you’ve won or kept your job

I’m just the kid of an academic air force librarian poet and birdwatcher pianist but a pianist of the sort concerned with ghosts, a noodler

i was only 9 when we left the air force, so it has become an intuitive path. i do not agree with the purchase of the superfast little freakout jets and one engine fuck. whose money is that to go to, such a purpose – just building some planes, let the caw

it’s so offensive how for my 30 adult years conservatives have spent money like they’re on paxil and then screamed up horrors about liberal over spending and o, the ndp, ho la, the airplanes cut the cake

who are they giving this money to? I’ve followed the air force like a baseball team all these years, I know how depraved, how rude! how many things the air force has been

and how only passion sees us through


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  1. Just saw this post for the first time. So glad you felt at home. All that remains is for us to visit your much-imagined quarters, photograph and post it. Unfortunately, it won’t happen, given that our travellng days are over. Your blog here is always wonderful and far ranging, especially in its intimacy with nature. I photograph cats, birds and dogs, thinking of you and Jo. Glad to hear Jo is in the CAW. rose

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — September 4, 2011 @ 10:45 pm

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