The New 100% Profit Movement


Ive been starting to think that the new trend in Smart Business
is an even more revolutionary tactic than hyperadvertizing the worst food
and defeating the competition on the price of it. That one hurt!
Millions of lives shortened.

And what’s the new tactic: They all know the public is just accustomed
to endlessly paying all kinds of money in incredibly various ways.
The public is inured to paying, as an act in itself.
Whatever it is, just existing, there’s a fees.
Extending out the hand with payments is programmed into us.
The new business tactic is To Give Nothing At All In Return.
To exploit that robotic tendency to pay to the maximum, this would be the natural formula.
You pay your monthly bills, your rent or mortgage,
your taxes, your service fees, everything around you must be paid somehow.
The new 100% profit movement just scoops that willingness to pay
and then simply withdraws. Your payment is all their was to it.

One thing that brought this to mind is the Air Miles controversy here.
Air Miles declared that unused accumulated Air Miles as of Dec 31 of this year
would expire. Then set to preventing people trying to use their Air Miles
booking a seat. It’s one of the most vivid downward shoves ever
of a company maximuming profit by not giving anything that it existed to provide.
They’ve got their megadata and their fees for it from nefarious megadata clients,
and now the public gets the plunger. Good bye.

A brief doc about it on the CBC show Marketplace – recommended worldwide –
viewed Air Miles customers attempting to book tickets using Air Miles
and speaking with agents who told them the other fable au courant,
that she had only access to the same internet portals that the customer had accoess t,
so she really didn’t know what else she could say. (I have heard
this from the customer service world elsewhere, so frequently
since I’ve inherited making such calls at work, and seem to have to
at home more than monthly. It’s the new out clause for customer service:
It’s all just Robot. You pay, and then the Robot guards against you.

A switch from Marketplace to CNN netted me The New Immanent US Government.
Kelly Anne Crowley is it? No answers at all. No recognition of content. Indignation,
use of phrases that sound intelligent, “It’s all proceeding in an orderly fashion”
but nothing connected to any reality.

Americans have completely lost access to their government. Goldman Sachs is back.
Koch Bros are in. It’s billionaires and Army Generals, and they don’t have time
for the public. The Electoral College may have won the election, voting for change
but’s more like now you get nothing, and the real anti-democratic forces that be,
untouchably proceed.

You pay your taxes, and get nothing.
An obtuse powerless spokesperson
doesn’t even try to explain it.
The End.



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