aug25 2010 useable notes

sheer odds and ends, partly to copypaste into other spots, on the run, as they say from today but for juxtapositional material as noted.

What first? the red light runners of the day or the sparrows preparing for a storm, or the verifier on photographs of the sky from our fire escape at work?

in the first photo the first car had made it with the yellow on, too quick with camera, it turned red before he got through, surprise surprise hardly. but the shock's the second car speeding triple time not even close to beating the red, zoomed up and just missed the first red light runner cutting across

Taking photos of the red light runners at 4400 dufferin a bit of a risk sport, moral ufc or something, mostly just documenting how common it is, partly sheer play, as the timing’s tougher than photographing hawks, but of course also the potential road rage of those caught running reds. I’d say that 9 out of 10 times I wait to cross, someone runs the red or goes dervish turning on the red, upsetting every day, and besides us pathetic works trying to cross there, it’s the crosswalk for a health dept where new immigrants get health cards, ie., unfamiliar with Canada overall and first time on that intersection, which is a whole other acclimatization issue! And it’s annoying. It’s the red light that means speed up and swerve to miss other moving vehicles. ~ John

the blogman himself - tyler's photo of me

Same intersection. Are these black currants? So tempting to try some, but what if they are poisinous?

both the tree on the right and the one centre are the same, with those maybe black currants

it's that time of year nearing, the various local sparrow groups converge, and soon enough starlings take up in the hole in the wall

poisin question again, these amazing look aples, edible ones? (still 4400 dufferin area)

so, we’ve got the apples, the sparrows, the black currants, the red light runners, now slightly more complex. For future scientific mapping, specially as regards cloud photos, which so often look photoshopped and ‘too incredible’ when it is in fact such a fixed site whereby anyone visitting that shipping area/fire escape there is always some cloud show. Good ones, pull camera out and there it is.

note the signature like line of the treetops

the periodic presence of parking lot lamps


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