Sparrows, out of place cats, hidden glories

A drab discomfitting time, November, life through luck, an end to election commercials, persistently grey darkness, survival, about to bloom with winter’s pained beautiful exquisite experience.

No cause for a speech tonight, just wanting to present this week’s thrilling photos one by one for the ages. Three main categories. My sparrow buddies behind work have been fantastic  this week.

Also, one day the sun shone,  20 minutes or so late in the day when I was near the bus stop. Amazing.  Truly, by the time the bus came it was all grey dark again. Freakishly gorgoues

And third, the two oddball cats in the area up there. Both had stirred my concern for their misplaced presence in cat no man’s land, no cat’s land, and then one was unseen for a month, the other unseen almost two weeks, and suddenly both were back this week. The cream coloured cat of the gulley area, was back, grown out more longer haired and looking like a cougar linx cross with a carolinian. And the trad troublemaker busybody cat! Such a funny improbable presence behind work.  Collar license plate and bell living in the wild, imagine such a species. Reasoning suggests both are humanly provisioned but outdoor allowed cats that travel farther than wished or dreamed …? Or they’ve just adapted well to their impossible transition to feral life.  With so many Russian busineses in the area, they’re homeless but getting enough help. Both cats showed all signs of growing since last since, both had appeared to be in the 6 to 9 months old range.

Meanwhile the sparrows would do better without either but have pristine rapid response to predators. like parachute artists they pop momently forth and dropped to the ground, where with their fantastic heels then scamper or shoot, firstmost attaining invisibility. They do that and my eyes go up and sure enough some white tipped fast rarer bird zaps into sight and out again. Sparrows see out the corner of the eye.


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