Windsor’s Assange Contexts

The vivid impression is that a matter that would normally have been dismissed
however right or wrong that is, was noticed by those hunting the Wikileaks founder,
who seized up with excitement as in “we’ve got him, we’ve got him, all we have
to get them to say is they wish to talk to him about the incidents,” in transparent ruse
for the fact that once they get their hands on him they’ll be inventing thousandfold
ways to imprison him for the rest of his living days in abusive circumstances.
Sweden knows this but isn’t having a shining moment there playing along with it.
American and other nations’ vindictive revanchist demigods will seize on this forever,
instead of acknowledging all the good that the wikileaks resulted in. The public is
glad to know all these additional things about the functions of, however putatively, our

With garden variety crime back and forth between America and Canada, there is no problem with domestic authentic policing being cogniscent of one another and communicative, but political policing has no place outside the borders of a given country, and amounts to crime, or worse yet war.

Sweden knows all about Guatanomo, black ops sites, renditions, bradley manning’s cruel and unusual punishment, it should be game over that they refuse to extradite him.

Weigh the various malice.


Windsor just wanted to know. What the
fuck has been going on.


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