September 15, 2017

A Magical Day of Sky

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It became a wildly industrious workday,
but it was the profound depth of sky art
intervening at end of it all strolling to the bus.
As epic as a great movie.
Enjoying Lord of the Rings these evenings and it interconnects
through these cloud manouvers today, definitely messaging.

A thought struck me earlier.
People write of the stretch of time
after major life losses
being so stressful and rushed
and not “being able to grieve properly”

The thought that occured to me was that the feeling of it
of all the grievings not grieved properly
All of the deaths and heard of deaths
and periods of life and periods of time

All of them forever future and past

and the mass deaths
and the terrible prolonged centuries of oppression
the group deaths from which people try to rise
and the extinctions, in such a marvelous world

Past oppressions and ongoing oppressions
future deaths and past deaths and ways around dying
as in Tolkein “dwarves doors are invisible when closed’

There must be immense magic in the world
for things to be as powerful as they are
when it comes to love and loss. Something that powerful
in itself, instead of only as a surprise
when falling in love or grieving death.


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  1. Absolutely amazing and breath-taking how you got that bird shadow to inhabit the whole thread, photos passing over it, like it was the fixture and all else, text, spaces, are the shadows. yer amazink, John B.

    Comment by Sandra Stephenson — January 5, 2018 @ 12:56 am

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