May 23, 2017

The City Erupts In Gunfire: A Victoria Day Poem

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The city erupts in gunfire in every direction.
Sirens are continuous the whole time I’m in the yard
just after dark on Victoria Day.
The dull roar of a low flying plane slides over the city.
The little black bats are zipping back and forth in the blue dark
right at head level.
After sitting for a while, acclimatizing to it all
I get up to do my stretching.
The grass remains troublingly moist
so standing up.

The standard arms raise hits the backwards jam
in the left shoulder and brings things to a stop.
Much better than it was. Do the long arm dangle
like a broom with a coat hanging from it,
then a clockwise rotation, the left arm pulling up out
of the backwards jam. A rush of oxygen to the heart and
blood to the brain. Huge uptake in energy, suddenly let through
into the mind.
Suddenly refreshed I collect my pint and stroll chuckling indoors
with the fireworks all unknown what else and sirens
laughing insanely along.

Apologies to the escapees from War Zones living here
for this nuthouse means of celebration.
Hopefully it seems carnivalesque.
In fact it’s a coy and silly form of celebration of peace
and that people don’t in fact have armaments, for the most part.
If I thought otherwise, I’d be off on my bike to investigate.

John R Barlow Toronto And Windsor
Victoria Day 2017 C Uptake Press )


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  1. Please could you email me about Cabaret Vert Magazine. Thanks

    Comment by Beth — June 8, 2017 @ 8:18 am

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