You might scarcely believe this. In a game Dallas led by 21 points at one point, DeMar DeRozan had 40 of Toronto’s 93 points as the blue and white and black and red and yellow and purple Raptors won it 93 to 85. Crowd was noisy in a different way  than usual. It wasn’t just roars on big plays or chanting, at all times there was this loud chatter in the building. At least the last 3 minutes, when I settled in to see it to the end. They’d clearly gotten buzzed up by it. Sportsnet showed a montage of his points he really was out of control in the game.

Favorite point: Attempting a baseline layup from the right side he was finding no openings, and like a cartoon character appeared to remain full body gesticulating in mid air for 16 feet before tossing one back for the two points. He covered that 16 feet in about a second. Most of the points they showed he was continuously making moves, in this full body gesticulating way, the whole time he had the ball, vibrating maniacally flying through the Dallas defense. Raptors are good, and Wiggins is sliding in the ratings. I’m thinking some good old boy network in the league is lowering talk on Wiggins hoping he slides to Toronto. Maybe, in the processes of hypothermia,  I’m deluding myself that an old boy network that good likes Toronto and means this. Maybe our Mayor cracks them up. For further away Sparts Mayor Ford admitted today that yes, he was out drinking Monday night with his buddy the convicted woman beater and presently indited gangster and drug dealer Alejandro Lisi, and yes, he did call the chief of police a c___sucker and make  many rude references to women in a Jamaican patois. His key defense “Thats just how I talk when I’m out with my friends.” I can hear it, in a voice like Lowinger’s: “Let’s let Wiggins slide to the Raps. That city needs something to feel good about.”

You probably think I’m making all this up. I’m sorry but it’s true.

Freakishly, you could draw a comparison between DeRozan’s nonstop arm and body movements with the ball to Ford’s wobbling and madly waving his arms as he cursed out the chief of police, a pretty respectable dude named Blair, as well I now add, claiming to have countersurveillanced the police in the surveillance unit that had tailed him in the spring and summer.  Even when it’s the mayor most police would object to this in practise and spirit. And he’s running for re-election.

(*( *( $*^(#$* (*$(#*$(*#($*#($*(#*$ (*#( *#($*

google mayor ford steakhouse c___sucker police chief patois the mayor if you want to see the mayor’s latest variation or have a  quick joyous look at DeMar DeRozan in action:

is thorough when it comes to offending people.

My sympathies to all in various ways bothered by it.

The Mayor is not your fault. Please enjoy the DeRozan video

and have a warm good night 544


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