the earth

ur ear earth The old paradigm for the formation of the human brain was akin to fungal 

and mushroom fusion. The funguy are our spore. The tension caused by


centuries of stress and presence in biology cause these growths


up from the spine into the ever enlargening skull, and out the stronger


and stronger more complex hips. Are we ruled by our lower bodies? said


the wasp, and the thorax spiders laughed- the brain is the bowel of the future


but still, the lower body can emit eggs and sperm and babies and much else


forward, while backward, showing we are the train, only what is no more


All the while up top the spine is shining its movies on the skull caves


and the fizzing sporing fungal mushrooming mind gets larger and larger


like a big sponge balloon. Stress and tension makes us smarter. It


doesn’t mean it’s good, because it also kills us (individually) (collectively


it makes us smarter but also kills us)


think of brain development and cancer and fungus and mushrooms as one


our bowels ayre they ar the earth, the good guys, like the lungs, real


visionaries, the lungs are the see through walls, the lungs are on other planets


meanwhile the fungal brain plumes with all the minds of the whole world all time


…such as one can decode it or interpret.



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