G20 reality check toronto

The nearly a billion of Security ^%$# pounded into the seat of Toronto – one of the more resiliently AntiConsersative Cities outside of Quebec, Windsor, and Vancover, really does speak of a military incursion. Oh typos, but lets try to acquaint the planners of this with the city they are wedging their ignomious bullshame into. While there is crime, there isn’t much of it. The very toughest areas are 98% friendly. 99.7 to be exact. What there is tho is insane stress, RUSH, Dumb Hurry, IM PATIENCE, and resulantly wreckless awful driving. The accent you are seeing here – which occurred 20 feet behind me, 20 feet away… I was waiting for the bus and faced towards Finch and heard the accident: the red car clearly did not slow down when the bluish white car was turning right ahead into tim hortons canadian tire russian grocery and the government health care building in that property, hitting her little car so hard she was stunningly launched into the car waiting to exit that plaza at a red light, must have been shocking for them… they are motionless waiting for the lights and are hit hard. Air bags go off in both, and smoke rises from both vehicles… while friccin red car who did not slow down and theouthg he’d time it easy or was on his cell phone oblivious human being rams into her. People choose not to drive carefully and where to drill oil.

I had been thinking my dullish but ordinary and ultimately satisfying workday had turned for the better when i saw the gem cat coming around behind mr case and then this bird, likely a rare mate-seeking king bird from the reservoir finding russian salvage a nice place to stop. I was actually brilliantly calm. And rack!

This is government provocatourist bullshit, no one in their right mind would have such meetings in that venue. When I worked at a nearby bank typing, we had to go there like some walk of the lost for a truly wretched hard rubber chicken dinner grey bleak caverns straight from work no pleasure in it sad and pathetic what were they thinking when all it does is eff up real life in the neighbourhood - and o g20, by what year will you end poverty this time? 2010? 1860? The meetings are the Sars Bullshit of 2010 like a ceement sewer

Glad you didn't have it in Downsview anyway you destructive Clods "goway! goway!


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