Jobsanity Unpaid Job Insanity Privacy at Jobs Basic Human Freedom

Creeping prospective employees private lives via internet,
unpaid internships, laws to prevent and bankrupt whistleblowers,
and all brought to a special twist by Evan Solomon being fired
because he introduced monied friends to his art friends.

Employers have gone past plausability. Full of themselves.
One added twist, the yearly guest spot on CBC today
some business minded social worker
telling parents to make their kids earn their allowances over the summer.
Is there no such thing as living anymore? Is it all serving fatcat tightwad employers
with no sense of boundaries? I’m glad I at least can speak up about it
since my job isn’t like that. We don’t have seven layers of management
at my company, just one overbusy boss and an Owner.who is not interested
in our internet activity.

That said it is flagrantly offensive for prospective employers
to invade the personal lives of applicants. Experts who come on the air
and put out stress signals about having a bland dull internet presence 24/7
ae either backhandedly warning rather than simply stating that it’s wrong.
Worklife is worklife, and personal life is personal life.

At the small company I work for, we know each other inside and out
and it’d be a rare Sunday in restrospect that wouldn’t be too much already.
There’s no way we want each other diving into the hours away from work
with yet more of it, even in the form of scrutinizing personal life,
if not, especially, glad to hear of it, momentarily in the morning
in general conversation. Disney trip was the best ever, says it all.



The outrageous stresses and general pressurized bullying of the employment applicant’s world

simply is too oppressive.

eMPLOyers are greAT bUT tHey’re just people t00



The story is more like grandchildren denied access to their grandparents.
Some kind of legal actuaries is preventing children whose parents die
from contacting their grandparents. A Liberal backbencher brought it forth
to at least give them a chance http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/thestar/

/ I never got to meet my maternal grandparents, as they died during World war two
,. I met my paternal grandparents many times. They were in their way
the head of the family still. You get born with a mother,
and whatever your mother is dealing with
thats what you’re dealing with,
at the yolk in egg level



It’s good to meet one’s grandparents


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