So the new U.S. Border requirements again cut by attrition the size of the Ontario contingent at the Buffalo Small Press Fair, but those with their papers arranged and paid for came out on the Sunday night on Bloor Street Toronto to recelebrate the productive creativity and generally enjoy all things macro pico in the artistic artifacting neighbourworld of poetry. I wonder at this point if it is not a matter of age. As recent as a couple years ago I was there striking up poignantly absurd conversations with real buffalonians and pulling rabbits of comment out of askew hat while fighting through the gaze of the boothsellers and reading the stuff at the same time

ie the walking and chewing gum trick of perusing small press works with their makers often touring inside your own head as you do so. Not a bad form of it having the acquisitions and new works and Marshall Hryciuk and Gustave Morin as the lens on the spring works from Buffalo. Above, on the left, my own items, made in special batch for the evening, to the right, the guide, around the table, let the identifying comments pour in! Marshall’s talked a lot about a magazine by two guys from Cleveland whose names he didn’t catch and don’t seem to be mentioned in the issue. Gus’s RARE SHEET MUSIC was the big hit on the Sunday night followup/ and everything was in the end pleased by the turnout …on such a rainy rainy night. Kilgours is a real nice place run by real nice people and it was just perfect. A couple-hour gathering turned into a full latenighter.

It was also Peggy Lefler's birthday and such a good place to trundle into gifts and merriment.

Complex unusual people. In a lot of ways very good people. Poets, artists, minds, souls. The kind of people who absorb strangers well into their midst, out smokin and talking in the rain, and flapping arms and loosening legs. “Outsiders” a phrase once presented as a movement, but always very real in its more deliberate meaning. Enjoyers of the outdoors. What had made them outsiders otherwise? Too candid? Too real? Too untamed? You could get into the whole gift press and Jones Night and full alteriority. But it’s at least in part about enjoying the outdoors.

Giovanni Sampogna took several photos so I'm in some

Gio's a filmmaker so he likes photos of people living

Gio's films Rail Rushes and Ice Rushes could put Bravo back on the radar

hurray for Gio's action photography! Jacob's Ladderish

Gus took several as well. No cropping on these, by requrest.

Myself I'd crop the back half of my hair. It was a Sunday.

And so Thanx to the Buffalonians for keeping alive this fun slidy post-tradition - JB



  1. Y’arrr!!! Out-standing work in dee field bro…. & how quick you get dee message out bro… Y’arrr!!!

    Comment by Gio. Shanger — March 30, 2010 @ 4:59 am

  2. i’m under house arrest in an unheated barn so i couldn’t make it, anywhere. mooo!


    Comment by nic coivert — March 30, 2010 @ 12:25 pm

  3. a night like that would be good

    Comment by oversion — September 2, 2012 @ 7:21 am

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