que vraiment etait belle

At last, way found back to the original message. As always the very real truthful

accumulation of synthesized information, reproduced vividly and humanly,
in all the attempt to know mode, that we all invariably live in.
Stories about Guelph that I’ve heard is that they have a super intense protester underground and progressive university, and some kind of agreement with the systems that be to test products and things, which means they get a lot of things free, and specials. They also have questionable hotels and motels pretty much anywhere i’ve been so there’s this new strain, and a lot of people huddled in their worlds.
70% to 90% of windsor and counties people would be more radical than most guelph
but the people who are radical in guelph are very radical/ And it’s not as blurry as Hamilton but is small, and most roads lead out into the darkly treed nowhere around there
and the black bloc, fast however spelt, the kind of people who started it probably exist again and have countless new self-representations, but so named, has been so  infiltrated over the years, the intelligent ones would be going down other lanes.
the bloc itself are probably rmpy spying on surete and surete spying on opp
as they set up the next flareup vaguely veiling the next crack down vividly documented at toronto’s g20, black bloc hurrying behind police lines and being set up with drinks at the vans, it’s more than triply (tripoli) infiltrated what are the chances other countries don’t have infiltrators as well? This sham simple motus operandi, stupid displays, little black masks, it’s like 1960s crime shows, cartoon the real thing they were after was probably the claq. They were impressive, but really young, as fusionist radical as ontario radicals are quebec radicalism is that further yard fighting the power direct – a luxury we do not have haha
but like youth, dramatic youth – the infiltrators come in and it’s all junk


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