Rohingya in the 21st Century

It really is incredibly sad to think of the Rohingya
accepted nowhere welcome nowhere and virtually not even known
voiceless powerless homeless and abused anywhere they go
seemingly without a friend in the world
All the religions in the world can share as a footnote to their beliefs
a complete lack of love for these people
One more thing we didn’t know about all the religions
The Rohingya have found the global blind spot
of compassion and caring.


Canada should return its international policy toward
doing the most good possible, reducing war and persecution
and enacting good faith in values, where if you can or can’t
do something you can articulate so that people understand,
the values real people know to be earnest and as well put
as the speaker is capable of.


In the 80s in my much varied careers on the back of typing abilities
I for a time transcribed refugee hearings. I was eventually fired
for essentially understanding what they were saying, clearly attempting to say
while fighting with a foreign language amid the tension and fear inherant
in what they were talking about. It was equally as difficult for well educated
multilingual refugees who knew they were not in danger in an interview room
to express urgency as it was for those who spoke little english or french
and thought they might still be in grave danger even in an interview room.
With the winding repetitive questioning style of the interviewers
the stress would only mount, and the stress of wording things the
same way in a little known language would half snap the poor people’s
attempts to speak at all. Verbal typos up to and including language errors
with their lives hinging on them.

There are things to watch for – people coming here specifically
to infiltrate and do harm admittedly wouldn’t show up with a automatic rifle
and a grenade belt and say so, but talking to people’s reality
and remembering you are part of that reality is also the better way to know.



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