vector of a good dream

1st thing up in the morning, check online,
any late posts after I went to sleep, or overlooked,
morning greeting, cheery good morning,
little thoughts of the day, plans;

later morning, crisscross timing, online at once,
excitedly exchange a few messages, several threads open,
celebrate moment, update on timing;

10 to noon, think of calling, if possible at my work
to shuttlebus or speaker phone in car, or elevator;
(otherwise just happy thought of thinking of your arriving,
always in your good game spirit)

afternoon, messages from breaktimes, little greetings,
relishing any thoughts, news of change to the evening,
news of anything; ideas for the future;

home, resting, thinking, napping, repairing, puttering, until
8:30 the exhilarating feeling, your getting off work, think of calling, must feel good, happy for you,
feel much lighter, happy feeling in the semi light,
excited, maybe call, maybe give time to rest and recoup,
sense it out;

then finally call, an hour on the phone,
often more than an hour, every detail,
all of it somehow enchanted, magical;

then off the phone onto the computer,
letters, entertainments, notes, replies, comments, likes,
excited for the little red light above the inbox or notification,
checking elsewhere for anything, spinning wheels,
thinking of the future;

on into the night, fantasies, ideas, thoughts, dreams
and wake to see if there’s anything new,
anything I’d missed, good morning,
excited to go through it all again:

57 months, every day
the only days all this didn’t happen
were when we were together,
in ottawa, kingston, lindsay, port hope,
port dover, oshawa, toronto, brighton,
brantford, london, hamilton, windsor, belle river

with never it ever raised ever even thinking of breaking up

4 years and 9 months



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