Thoughts on Government, as Another Election Nears

Try advizing the bank or government of their error
when it’s in their favour and see if failing to
successfully do so could be called a crime.

My 96 to 98 years were a litany of big scale errors
like that, all surrounding my Dad’s year long ordeal
with cancer, and the simultaneous right wing attack
on our ontarian lives here, with the pig mike harris
and the finance minister/undertaker paul martin
mounting up their huge blind side hit on my own
amblings along. March 19, 1996, the same day
as out of nowhere the harris pigfuckers
unleashed police violence on a union protest
at queens park, i was declared dead
by my bank after a disastrous molar extraction
but not because of it, the dentists gasped with horror
as juggernauts of blood poured forth
the next morning all facially bruised
by the emergecy surgery and out of pocket
from the ordeal, i went to instant teller
and my card was dead, because a john barlow
in regina had died and they’d tabbed to the
wrong john barlow. It was disturbing and
well worth suing over, (like i had the money for that)
but then the next thing. The year before
i’d received a windfall tax refund with
endless changes to my return baffled and with no way
of understanding the changes, i charged ahead
with my difficult life, then tax year 96 comes along,
they say i owe vastly more than i possibly
could have imagined, nor calculated,
it being a bad year financially
wiped me out, unable to pay, out of the blue.
Every 3 months the revenue canada
letter would come, with increased interest,
I called them Paul Martin’s Death Threats
and continued trying to save up 1st and last
months rent so i could move somehwere
really cheap.


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  1. most ridings are so one sided though. maybe 20% are swing ridings. Most of Windsor Hamilton old Toronto cons buried in 3rd, most rural con by a mile, vote like a dixy cup in a bonfire, no known effect. Prop rep, it’d matter.

    Comment by oversion — October 7, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

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