On the wordpress blogs, comment fields are fully discretely
below the body of the page or post. Keep scrolling down
and you will see an umptuous and plain emotionless
“Post a comment?” and then below that a field.
It will hope that you wish to type in a website
you’re affiliated, or an email address.
A kind of “Who shall we say is calling?”
Because Barlowhockey is a tribute to my Dad
and because my Mother has full access to my blogs
all comments have to be approved before appearing.
If you saw the spam, unrelated to anything, that might appear otherwise,
the complete misleaders, or ill conceived commentings,
even from the commenters’ positions, not good for them,
you’d know the very slow pulse the blog resultantly has,
is worth it. It’s not that anyone has ever attacked
Barlowhockey or Oversion, but it is simply the wind of the internet
being strewn with junk. A screen. And things I’m willing for my mother to read.
When my mother comments I phone her and we discuss
and see if in the whole expanse of considerations
if she thinks it wise to have it there. Many of her comments remain
pending there. I wish she’d write more.


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