May 14, 2017

Families of Canada Geese Everywhere

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Word travels on the backs of pack animals, centipedes and birds

In the News today a family of Canada Geese wandered into a hopeless situation in the predawn hours no doubt, before the days massive traffic had filled every inch everywhere with colossally dangerous air of bipedding parents with nearly invisible goslings, cars trucks delivery vehicles and lathes, in all directions for 400 yards in any direction, and their need to eat throughout a journey fledgling flimsy newborns stumbling ehxaus on pavement with nothing, no water, no greens or throwup, their hopeless journey upon them, walled in by cement girters topped with fences that would only lead to massive uphill climbs. The family of geese was doomed. The youngsters were pecking the pavement and the parents were exhausted. It was like a sad after echo of By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept.

The way they’d come was lost. For at least 12 hours they wouldn’t get through car traffic in the lot – cdn tire timhos russiangrocery, and nine feet of wall and fence while the one way forward the car repair areas with drills. Sirens in the distance and car alarms going off, and there they are, doomed. https://youtu.be/QYOoFbE6jQM

The geese are majestically focused and devoted. Their instincts are the same in every situation. It was still early morning. The big traffic that was to come, trucks bombing around that corner, probably seeing the parent geese, but not a chance seeing the goslings, and just the heavy wind of their passing would bowl over the exhausted tumbling small yellow geese -= a moment to think of mother’s day tho on a friday morning

I hopped the fence and climbed own where they were with healthy bread
sprouted rye, so it would provide hydration as well
and walked up to them talking nicely tossing bread
One blackneck goose crossed over and hissed and threatened while the mom and 4 yellows upped and set off walking. All hissing and showing disapproval. I tried to throw the sprout bread in advance of them while speaking reassuringly but they headed along. They’d reach the grassland of the gas station or the former rosehip hill if turning left, be able to rest, and then could likely cross the plaza exit into the ravine system and have great lives. There’s been hardly any feral cats or coyotes in the area in some time.

Later in the day, time to head home, I went down that way and there was no sign at all of any bad fate on their behalf, and they were gone, not anywhere in the vast paved parts of the area. As opposed to being trapped helplessly by trucks for 16 hours.

The exacting minds of these birds is a cosmological wonder.
There are geese families every 200 feet from each other throughout the area.
Three times as many if not four as previous years.
And they’re not difficult to get along with.
If you walk right into them they’re angered
but you just don’t need to.
Go 9 feet around them and they’re fine.
The mothers of the future generations
and their stalwart circles.


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  1. Geese Everywhere Press: https://youtu.be/QYOoFbE6jQM

    Comment by oversion — May 14, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

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