A Day In The Life, GemCat! Mousse!

A fabulous Friday to start the weekend. Always put your best hours in on Friday, and gather the most sustaining knowledge Friday, and Friday, make it a fine, fine, day because you’ll enjoy the weekend. The deeper you can get into a liberated weekend sensibility Friday the more transcendently hopeful your weekend wll be. John B

And the Day of Friday, January 22, 2010, was triumphant, wonderful, composed all of personal reality in the A game. (It’s rare one can say that of the rest of the world. But for instance, Gem, the awesome dom of the feral cats, whom I’ve watched since late summer 2007, had been unseen by all in a month, during which a vicious cold snap came quickly and stayed. I’d really started to mourn, gemcat, the carmelsided brown, and the two black and white leapers, unseen since the cold snap even days after the end of the cold snap. Food still disappeared overnight, but that could be anything. This morning there was Gem. And in the afternoon, carmelside and gem both. Carmelside too quick for photo, but several of Gem.

This party had almost certainly the finest leftovers ever.


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  1. All wined up and ready for a good bikeride.

    Comment by barlowhockey — January 26, 2010 @ 6:01 am

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