Tecumseh Brock Brant definitely a lift up

My father was the 3rd son of an orphan child worker
who escaped England and came to Hamilton Ontario in 1918
and lived to 81 or til 81, definitely, i think, in his eighties
i think. You wouldn’t have thought it. Put to work in the mill
as a child in fucking Lancashire, his mother who died around the
same time as Nietzsche at age 36, was beautiful, my great grandmother
who never even saw 1890 new years eve, young, in her 30s
family records actually list her husband, my great grandfather
as “a blackguard” likely responsible for my great grandmotehr’s death
who was beautiful and the only one who cared about my grandfather
according to whom his father abandoned him and his brother at ages
9 and 7, abandoned. Well obviously great grandmother who died at 36
in the 1880s, she visitted when my father was dying of 5ways mestastized culture cancer, the poor guy. Grampa was a piece of work, hardcore, hardly negotiable, crazy fuck, but an old fashioned human being. A one who lived then. I guess there’s when fate was an open question questions and historical ones,

The roads! Once there were rivers
it was the main way of getting around.
a wasp myself or bumble bee i’m anti-wasp but a healing plant
with simply being born a protoplasmic origination
existent for the first time ever. I remember it vividly
coming out of the womb ‘holy fuck, moncton” just amazed
and next up at age 6 st jean – 1960s – accentuating along
in the ever whole world of a kid.

My Dad emerged from his upbringing a bit shell shocked.
Grampa was mean to most or all of his kids, insults and beatings,
but interestingly my Aunts and Uncles were mostly unusually
mild and mellow. They were amazing.

And thats why it seems possible to come to peaceful solutions
and live glad of others.


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