oversion’s salient supplementary on Idle No More

L0 HS EM ME JME KISSING PHOTO DAZZLE The kind of big picture over all fix the problem forever outlook,
wafting around public discussion, blurring Idle No More,
overlooks a lot of the particulars. You can’t help but talk about all the history, so its understandable onlookers think there aren’t specific present issues, and it isn’t just ‘give us more money’ as so many reductively guess.

Several particulars: the oil and gas and tarsand and fracking –
600 billion in resources, the majority on native land,
and the government is in one sweeping omnibus bill, without consulting them
radically changing the rules regarding use of their land.
Including ignoring the factual necessity of consulting them.
Lakes no longer protected. The government just wants the 600 billion.

History piles into the fray: They’ve carefully had rules for native status
where only males carried it forward, and native women who married non native
lost status for selves and children. The obvious goal was that eventually
there’d be almost no native status left, and they could proceed by now
on the natural resources on native territory quite easily. But women
have won native status, and now metis have as well. So they’ll still be around
to demand consultation and a share.

So the idea of getting them off reserves and integrated has a double edge.
Seems like the government and industry want more money.
Many natives truly want to protect the land.

That’s the core present issue, but Chief Spence is the one who woke
the movement coast to coast, with her legitimated case that the government
punished her for raising issues by sending in expensive third party
to go over the books and take control of their finances at Attawapiskat.
Attawapiskat had to pay the guy too, whose presence they rejected.
He spent most of his time in a nearby town. It was an offense
and she demanded to see the queen’s representative and pm at once
because the treaty is to the crown, which oversees relations
between the equal parties being the colonists and the originary nations.
These are nations, right in our midst. Nations. Does it ever seem
there are nations here besides Canada and the future nation Quebec?

Facts collected, but here cited from memory only, possibly crossed up:

Govt housing money was said to be 6.5 million across 5 years.
How much housing would that build? Costs are 4 times higher
since you can only get there by air or by the ice road in winter.
It’d be a lot of money for one household, but wouldn’t kick start
a housing industry. What do suburban projects cost? Oh, 6.5 billion or so
and it takes about 5 years to build them? Once you have the money.

There’s a diamond mine on their territory worth hundreds of millions
and they get 1 mill a year for that.

Average chief salary 36,000.

And now the big end over end crusher. Canada’s economy is mainly
a natural resource based one. The rest of it is mostly parasitic on
those resources.
Thats where the money comes from, resources. So whose are they? The banks?
Thats how it’s worked out.

Consider this about rrsp’s:
lifetime investments that would have accrued to 215,000 will pay out at 114,000 to the investor, and by then the banks will have taken 100,000 in fees. The banks agree to split your money with you.

And it gets worse at the individual level:
the banks emerge from the recession making billions
in profits; low level investors were devastated.

CSIS is apparently viewing opinions like that as radical extremism.
So how does one pretzel one’s mind to pretend these things aren’t true?

Corporate Canada says “We have to take your money from you and give you a little bit back.” The law. It’s like the poor and working class have too much money and the corps want it. We’re being robbed.


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