feral cat world war update

The whole visage of feralized catlife has surprisingly transformed itself over the last few years. It seems such a short while ago that it was a matter which concerned almost exclusively people such as myself, without overcharacterizing the people with particular imagination and insight to the
world of cats, who can barely not act on the instinct
to concern for them. It used to be a virtually unseen or
taken for granted phenomenon, cats the excape their adoptive
homes as need be

sometimes live on and prosper in the world on their own,
sometimes with legendary lives and ancestors. Intelligent
sensitive souls, albeit differentiated from us,
but with some traits that arguably we’d be better off with, as we have some they’d be improved by. People can argue that it is a sign of societal social failure and oddity
but humans and all the other species of life have interacted the entire time of our existence.

Hopefully not a too grandiose introduction to the pure nuts and bolts tho.

Report 9019577:

Since the mainstay colony behind mandarin was dispersed, cat rescued or driven off, the Ferals of Downsview have completely altered their non-relationship with humans up there. I now most frequently see them along the Allen Expressway (which becomes Dufferin North just before where I work. Nearlly always hunting in the grass and brush. Occassionally see a small very fast near work but none more than once in at least most of a year. People at Mr Case
just down the complex from us, same overall brick building, say there are 3 ferals that turn up back there, just around the building, but not for long. The ones of these I’ve seen in a couple cases were clearly related to Gem and the old colony. The difference is akin to the difference between
a tadpole and a frog. The little ferals are all speed, all quickness, invisibility whereas many cats live to be visible, it is how they command the world, or at least how they try to.

Here in the back yard, the two cuddleberry maine coon cats ground floor right, with their two new suitors, the unbelievably beautiful and charming Himalayans who come down from the fire escape, such cat centred world back there. Humans barely use the yard any more. The absolute constant tension between the brothers himalayon and the sisters huge fur sister cats already here… I’ve seen not one sign of their getting along so far. The wildly longhaired rusty and bandit own that yard and the himalayons are frightened to flight by them. The Himalayons are terribly friendly and social and Rusty would probably like them but Bandit is so boss if even visible in the window the himalayon will get down low at the first step of the fire escape, scared to death, readying to dash up the stairs, not an easy run steep rusty old fire escape I am glad of my affiliation and relationship with cats.

Still though, watching the doc zone cbc item Cat Crazy
the absurdity of some of the situations and then these dog kennels I nod to all dogs that i sense will nod back (or just prefer to be nodded to whether they reciprocate or not.

The intense relationship we have with deer.

And the little thought of Toronto Zoo. I’m not a cage guy myself. At this point there’s more a sense of how do we do well by these animals. Animals!!!! We too are animals. Those are our lives. The manlike chimpanzee being mechanically shaken violently to equivalence brain trauma were laughed at by the technicians

Science is a greater determiner of many things, but it does not give it the right to cruel and unusual punishment.

When it’s the municipality running it, and truly, it should be government, because the decisions made around these animals trapped in vulnerable captivity cannot be whim or whimsy.

All of this perhaps speaks of a sympathy for everything else.


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