Prose Poem for Israel Palestine, and Libby Davies

Israel and Palestine and Lebanon and Syria are like narrative Patient Zero. There is enough history there to retell the story of humanity billions of times. That land was taken back and then taken back and then taken back like an infinite knaan chorus, back and back and back. In terms of scholarship it really is open as a field. So Libby Davies has occupation starting at 1948. It opens the question: was some land occupied and other land reasonably had? And by Roman or American or UN law? What era? All the parties have arguable claim on it, even the British could make an unpopular argument. It is portrayed as the nation of the last of the games of musical chairs of whom can have a nation.

The western world as it’s called has mostly nations carved out by force, achieved through wars; whereas in the Middle East borders were drawn by outsiders, most of which have since fixed those borders. Some are somewhat come apart at the seams. The strategy had been to put the people in one nation (Iraq) and the resources in the other (Kuwait) but then they didn’t know everything. But most of the borders are set in stone.

With technology it becomes impossible to have a fair war, but possible to find many more resources. What those accustomed to claim on resources need are justifications for unfair wars. It is too late to settle it well. It is no longer the Dark Ages. Any solution will be temporary. Except: peace-oriented people from all sides converge, and then become able to mutually protect themselves from non peace-oriented people – perhaps not the most likely future, but the only one arguing can truly justify. Libby Davies is the kind of person you would find adding strength to that cause of peace. 



  1. The New Jerusalem or The New Palestine?
    The Oversion Party of Canada is of course
    a postnationalist postnation global democracy party (The New GDP)
    Pure Proportional Representation .0123% of the vote is .0123%
    of the seats. To believe in democracy isn’t simply to believe
    in war-shaped nations with partial internal bureaucratic democracy
    but a belief in democracy is it not? Do you not believe in democracy?

    Comment by oversion — June 18, 2010 @ 2:33 am

  2. It’s a fact. Most don’t believe in democracy. They believe in money.
    Anyway there’s psychological study, philosophical study, political
    study, history study, and, the question of Who wins. Nietzsche
    is a kind of 19th century intersection of all these modes of thinking
    The Will To Power, the DarkForces, who wins, and what it all was.
    When what it was was time, Time going fast, time out of control,
    relentless rapid life. To me, proportional representation is the only
    way to ease the concept of people working things out.

    What it leads to can be unconscionable debates. Everyone
    needs guarantees. No one likes to feel controlled. I could imagine being
    a schizophrenic living out in the country near Jersusalem,
    with an almost Van Gogh like indifference
    to historical context. Just roaming like a rabbit
    until killed. And always tripping out
    with all the religious quasi-auras
    and abrbridged abrupt changes of tone
    in the humans. A pure entity of philosophy
    gone strange. Just a living thing. Like anything
    anything alive, and the best spirits.

    Comment by oversion — June 21, 2010 @ 2:46 am

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