9 oh 9 oh, family tree 9 oh

11:33 of father’s day and for some reason this year in particular I’m enjoying the ambience of it. The idea flows through and beyond encompassing every stray dimension of reality non-preformed by cliche. Father’s Day doesn’t belong to religions or majorities or dominant types. The best fathers are all mind and oblique gentle and patient. I went for a bike ride on central tech track this aft happy to see there were only two dog walkers on the whole track and playing field, a rarity of a gift from the i yi polluted humid patch of weather entering around. Toronto when we wind gets ringed out by a humid path, things have a tendency to not go that well, changes the barometrical pressure on appliances, one reason we love Christmas so much up in Canada. In December the air clears and it’s nice and cold.

For father’s day I was searching in my photos for fun ones of my Dad, and found many of the family overall, a wonderful group, all so moving and fantastic. Predigital world, “why would i want a disc? i want the photos’

The thrill of seeing all the photos brought back all the people living and alive into the presence Audrey and Gord Cecil and Fran
Nancy and Ab and George and Frank and their wives, all of whom I have the warmest feelings, and the unknown after thats, Gord saying just “love ya” as the whole crew headed back to hamilton in their stately ontario cars. The Steel Industry has always wondered why the car industry can’t be more normal. So elegant, like a teem of deer.


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