Branding The Trump Tax Loophole

Does it not matter anymore if tens of thousands have uttered the phrase before you do? Did McDonalds get something in the Constitution about “oh that doesn’t matter, it’s the first one to patent it” because they’re trying to sell patents because it generates revenue, creates jobs.

Whats the deal with a tax loophole that demented, that gets Trump out of paying taxes for years, and how many other such manouvers over the years?
nutshell: a 100 million project, the entrepreneur might borrow 99 million of the financing,
but if the bank he borrows from ‘writes it off’ when it fails, the entrepreneur can claim the whole 100 million as a “loss write down”, and use it against all taxes for up to 18 years.
First off it’s crazy, there’s just no reason to divert that 99 million to the Trumpster.
There’s no plausible reason to kick over 99 million dollars ‘something’ to the entrepreneur,
who has their own losses. (Trump has some fame for never investing his own money, just other people’s)
The loss for all involved nets him 18 years tax free on hundreds of millions in more such earnings.
Americans and American-Wannabees must love getting royally wrippted off… by a master at it.
How could you have a law that ridiculous?
And a burger chain that takes an historic family name from them.
John R Football

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